Horror/Thriller Short Story / Anthology film

Hi all,

A bit of a long shot, but does anyone recall a horror/thriller anthology from the description below:

One of the stories started with a guy walking in an ‘office’ environment and then he had to sit in a waiting room to see someone who he didn’t know, they were being handed out ‘roles’ or ‘jobs’ I think I recall, but they didn’t remember what they were previously… After waiting he went in side this ‘board meeting’ type room with just one woman (very hot brunette) after asking him some things etc. then asked what his answer was, he says ‘No’ and then she proceeds to smile and then stabs him with a pen or something, and then goes off in to the corner and puts on this big metal half face mask and then proceeds to chomp his fingers and face off etc. as he goes crawling through the office she chases him. I was explaining this to a friend and wanted to show them the actual thing, but I can’t for the life of me find this.

Thank you

chilling visions “taste” segment?

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