"House of the terror" 2000's movie about a man that gets possessed while watching tv

I can remember that in some moment of the movie there was a man (maybe with a scant beard) watching a tv in a dark room, then the tv had a white static and a voice said him to kill someone, he went to a girl’s room and said to her something like “I love you” before killing her.
The movie title has something to be with House of the terror, because that was the way my classmates referred to it.
Those details are as much I can say about it, this movie was shown in my first elementary school by the teachers in order to get profit from it, when I was 7 years old (those GREEDY TEACHERS also showed Dead Silence to a bunch of little children whom just wanted to watch Happy Feet).

“Videodrome” 1983?

I’m digging I’m gonna throw out a couple