Human trafficking movie

Hello. I tried all like google, yt, imdb etc. without luck.
What i remember its an older movie, maybe from 90’ till 99 or so.
Its about 2 people from different situation looking for human trafficers.
One is a Russian (maybe some other slavic country) father of a girl by name, if i remember correctly, Katuska. She wanted to gi abroad and work as a model for some agency that came to her school. Father was against it but she went anyway to later be found that shes kidnapped and being used as a sex slave.
On the other side of the story, a 30 some years old woman (or so she lied) went on online dating and as i remember she was a cop that was investigating such cases, just to be dragged into the whole mess by being sold to those traffickers by her date. She found her self with those girls in the same mess. In the end, the father finds her in the bordel somewhere by seeing her on tv they were playing in some local caffeteria while he tried to work for them just to find his daugher. There was also police who found the position of those girls and they kill/arrest a lot those traffickers and the woman, as the last scene of the movie, was sniped down from a billboard right through the windows where police found her a new safehouse or something. I believe it had some minor actors i woulnt be able to name, places that i dont know and i think its half slavic english movie. Thank you for any help!

Human Trafficking (2005) Mini Series

Viktor, desperate, takes a chance in explaining that he’s the father of one of the trafficked girls (Nadia) and has infiltrated the organization in an attempt to rescue her.

The girl in the safe house is named Helena.

“An unmarked black minivan transports Helena and Kate to the safe house. As Helena looks it over, Kate’s cell phone rings. The call is unclear, and Kate has to step out into the hall. Helena glances outside a window and spots a billboard for Destination Airlines. The name rings a bell with her, and she remembers seeing such a billboard before. Seeing Kate occupied with her phone call, Helena opens the door leading from Ivanka’s room out onto the terrace-- something she’d been warned she must never do without ICE assistance. Kate happens to look over her shoulder and calls for Helena to come back into the house quickly.
A flat, firecracker-like noise rings out. Kate runs to Helena’s side, but she’s already dead to a sniper’s bullet. Part one of the miniseries closes with Kate weeping in grief over Helena’s body”.

WoW man, thx for such a quick response. I ran into the poster of this movie and was curious could it be it, but i didnt expect it to be this obvious. Yes thats the movie, and i think that when i saw “mini series” even on google i thought thats some series in seasons i didnt look for… Guess i was wrong. Thank you a thousand times!

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