Hyperviolent horror movie where father tries to kill son

In this movie a boy, who is preteen or possibly 13 years old is playing outside his country home. In the woods is a shed or clubhouse. He enrages his father, who goes from mad to immediately wanting to murder the boy. The boy runs into the woods and hides in the clubhouse. The father is tracking him down and the boy looks around the clubhouse for anything to survive. He manages to get out of the clubhouse and runs. At some point, his brother tries to protect him and the father appears to kill the brother before moving on to the younger son. The older brother kills the father at the last moment. The brother hops in a pickup truck and drives off before immediately coming back to let the younger leave with him.

This movie is not undertow. It was a recent movie I saw on a horror streaming service but I cannot find the movie in my viewing history. I saw the movie during covid, so the last 4 years.

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