I am looking a movie (a guy, a girl, interview, some rich man, a painter)

Hi dear movie lovers,
I am looking for a movie which title I have forgotten.

Scenario looks like below.

One guy (probably professor of some aspects of arts or journalist) met one girl and also got the job to take interview from one painers. The customer who requested this interview a rich man which live in big houst suberbs and neibor of this painter (probably likes painter’s painting). He invited interviewer to be guest in his house with this girl for taking interview. The main idea that the painter was famous in the past but do not paint for a long time or at leat nobody see his pictures. So now painter is preparing his latest piaintg and this rich man need show the world this interview and I guess picture. But when interviewer met the painter he revailed that no valuable painting will be introduced to the world and create a terrible plan to fake it. Obviusly everything goes in a bad maner.

I guess it looks like this. May be a coupe of movies mashed up in one picture in my memory but I cant find even a one movie. So please, I need your assitave in this case.
Thanks in advance.

Finally, I remembered it. It’s “The Burnt Orange Heresy”

I loved the book, but the movie just didn’t work for me.

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