I am looking for the name of a 80’s/early 90’s fighting movie


I am looking for a movie from the late 80’s or early 90’s.

Here is what I remember.

It’s a typically bad/cheap movie about fighting. The movie plays around the 80/90 in the usa. The main protagonist ( a young fighter) saves a woman from a robbery. After he’s on the news, he is invited to fight in a sort of modern warrior/gladiator like league. The guy that runs the league is like a mob boss and he sends his fighters out to do some dirty work for him. The young protagonist wins fight after fight and starts to become famous and the boss tells him from now on to lose some fights. He realizes, that he only won the fights before because they were rigged.

From that point forward, he tris to stop them.

In one scene, the young protagonist is in a restaurant and he’s defending the owner of the restaurant from he’s former fighting buddies.

There is another scene, like a flashback, where we see the protagonist as a young boy idolizing one of the older fighters from this league, later we see this fighter became drug addicted.

That’s all I remember.

I hope some one here has some deep knowledge about bad 80/90 fighting movies; ).

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in the fights they used weapons right? we are talking someone in the vein of Lorenzo Lamas, David Bradley, etc.?

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About the weapons, I don’t think so, but I could be wrong. As far as I can remember, they fight more like wrestlers/ mma like with fists. But every fighter has a special name.

This league is also not an underground thing, people know about them. Again, in one flash back scene, the main hero is shown as a young boy around 8-12 and he meets his idol, a big fighter with curly hair and he sits on his shoulder and tells his father, when he is grown up, he wants to become a fighter to. but then he meets the fighter in present time and he is full on drugs.

In public, they are known, like some wrestlers from the wwe, but some of them do special jobs like intimidating people, for the guy who runs these leagues.

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