I CAN’T find that movie

Hi!! So this movie had ghosts in it and there was a bunch of teenagers who rented a house for a party and i remember some of the death scenes. There was this girl who was in the basement(??) and was trying to get some items but there were sharp objects in a box on the shelves and when she was standing above it a ghost pushed that box and it fell on the girls head and she died like that, became a ghost in that house. Anohter death scene was in the party and there were this couple(?) and she kissed the boy and the boy had these bugs come out of his mouth and thats how he died and become a ghost too. The ending scene was this: The main girl and a boy was trying to escape the house from the garden and they were so NEAR to the door and there was ghost people who died in that house behind them and THEN the screen blacks out and we see a family buying or renting this house and the last scene shows all the ghost people standing on the ladders (the main girl and the boy was also turned into a ghost so we understood that they couldnt escape) PLEASE help me find this movies name, i watched it a long time ago and it might be a 2000’s movie im not sure but i want to rewatch it again