I can鈥檛 find this movie and I鈥檓 going crazy 馃槶

It鈥檚 a movie where this dude is obsessed with this girl like he controls what she wear what she can do he always monitoring her basically and when she step out of line this time he beat her in his car In front of the school like badly and left her there with a bloody face and he used to climb up on the side of the house to get in her room because her room window was always unlocked for him to come in but eventually she got help more like seek-ed help from her mom and she got over him the movie was on Netflix I was like in 4th grade I鈥檓 a freshman and I failed 8th grade and had to repeat so like 2014-2015 ish

There is a slightly older movie from 1996 called Fear. Could this be it? Fear (1996) - IMDb