I can’t remember this movie title

I watched this TV movie on my phone or tablet years ago that I can’t remember the title it was like the parent trap but the twins were fraternal and they grew up together just in different houses. It started with the mom (she has red hair) driving in a storm and a tree hits her car and this guy comes and helps her and they end up married with two twins one red hair one black and they later divorce with one staying with the mom and other with the dad it skips to years later with the girls as teenagers planning to try and get their parents back together. There’s this one scene where the mom and dad show up at this location and see the other there they have dinner but it ends in an argument and there’s this other scene where the girls are hanging with their friends talking about prom and stuff. I remember close to the beginning one of the daughters was riding like a scooter to her dads house. I really need help remembering this movie

how old would the movie be? was it in english?
not “oszukane”?

No that’s not it the girls didn’t find out they were related after they always knew the parents just divorced when the girls were young. It was a TV movie similar to hallmark and was definitely early 2010s

It also was in English

I have dug a few times and keep coming up blanks. Could it be drama and not comedy?

Probably more drama than comedy

This one seems very hard to find, and but I am still digging. Can we guarantee they were twins? I have seen several siblings get parents back together movies, but not twins, other than parent trap and “it takes two”. the oldest the girls get is high school?

Ya they were definitely twins but fraternal and in high school which makes it super frustrating cause any time I try to find it all I get is the parent trap

This is a supet tough one. the closest I can find, outside of “sweet valley high”, is “personally yours”

No they didn’t have any other siblings

The movie that I think is closest to it is twice blessed which came out in like 1945 it’s super similar to that but came out late 2000s early 2010s and was a TV movie

And the only difference is that the twins in the movie I’m trying to find are fraternal and not identical twins I do remember the mom having red hair and one of the daughters also having red hair and the other had brown/black hair

You’re so cupid?


Ya I think that’s it