I cant remember the movies name

i think the movie is between 1980-1995
a city near river attacked by some creatures human eater from beneath of earth
in one scene creature put down a corpse from his grave
last scene is one brave man go to their cave and explode himself in cave to kill creatures

C.H.U.D. - Wikipedia.

ends with exploding truck in manhole

it was a cave that men and women were hanging from the ceiling

Not a perfect match, but might it be Blood Beach? That movie was released in 1981, so it is from the right time period. The setting is a California beach, so it takes place near water, though the ocean – not a river. John Saxon plays a police detective investigating several missing person cases near the beach where he lives. The film shows us that people are being sucked under the sand on the beach at night. At the end of the film, the police detective discovers an access tunnel under the beach (not a cave, but it looks like one), and the bodies of the missing people are there. The detective plants explosives in the tunnel and blows the creature to bits, but by remote control – he isn’t killed in the blast. This may not be the movie you are looking for, but it has a lot of similarities to the movie you describe. The movie doesn’t have a great reputation with horror fans, but I have loved it since I saw it in the theater when it was initially released. And the poster for the movie is one of the coolest I have ever seen. There used to be a great, widescreen copy of the movie on youtube that you could watch for free, but it appears to have been recently removed. I don’t think it has had a legit home video release in the USA since the early days of VHS.

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thank you dear friend
it is very very similar to it but it is not that movie
but thank you