I can't remember title of the movie

Hi. I’m looking for an old movie. It was on TV in 1995. The plot of the film is that a guy drives a car and thus picks up various girls (hitchhikers) from the road. It’s night, all the time, rain. And so he picks up a girl. At first he pretends to be a nice, kind, normal person. Later (while driving) she realizes that he is some kind of maniac and that he wants to kill her. She somehow manages to jump out of the car and starts running, running. He starts chasing her, chasing her with a car. At the end of the film, she manages to lure him into a factory. He drives his car into that factory and an incredible explosion occurs. Do you know the name of that movie? I’ve been looking for it for years. Thanks. Best regards

instead of keyword put hitcher (try hitchhiker and synonyms too) in plot. select language to be original language, or what you had heard it in. sometimes no language suggestion is best. select tv movie and video as search types as well for anything that might not be big budget/mainstream. do only one genre selection, so you maximize your results

No, the movie I’m looking for is not on this list. Thanks anyway

hitcher in the dark?

Any idea about the movie I’m looking for? It may not be out on DVD, Blu-ray disc.

I will keep looking. Did it seem newish in 1995?

Hi. I’m trying to find the movie I’m looking for on www.imdb.com, but I can’t. Where am I wrong? These are my settings. Thanks


I searched and searched and found nothing :pensive:. Everything is there, only the movie I’m looking for is not there :pensive:. I found this Backroads to Vegas (TV Movie 1996) - IMDb , but there is no trailer for that movie (on google, youtube…). Look for this movie I’m looking for. Thanks

Backroads to Vegas is also called “love notes” with casper van dien. not sure it is the film you are wanting because he was not driving. i am digging, but with all the kill hitchhiker movies i find, none end that way so far. what did the car look like?

This movie is really good and it is similar to what you mention. it is from 1996 though and I can’t remember the ending but I don’t think it was in a factory. Freeway 1996

Could be Midnight ride also.

Thanks VHS_Lives and afamouspetty. As far as I remember, the car was black. That’s all I can say (it’s night all the time, it’s raining). In my head, that movie is called “Night driver”, but I’m wrong. No, “Freeway” and “Midnight ride” not the movies I’m looking for. I already have them on disk. I’m looking too. Best regards

Any results? I try, try to find, but I can’t :pensive:. What I still remember from the movie is that the girl finds a phone booth-while running away (or a small motel. It’s raining) and asks for help from there. Can that help? Thanks

nothing i could find so far. we are sure they are hitchhikers? the mainly at night might help me…

When searching for this movie, don’t put “factory” in the plot. It’s not that important. Maybe it just confuses him. Greeting

maybe one of the episodes of “the hitchhiker”?

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Are there any results related to the movie I’m looking for?

sadly, no. i looked a lot but the guy being the driver of that type of car is producing nothing for me. i apologize i couldn’t figure this out for you

OK. Thanks anyway :blush::wink:. Some other time. Best regards