I don’t know if this is a movie or not

I need help with trying to find a movie or a series, cause I don’t really know if it’s either. When I was younger I remember watching a video on YouTube about what I assume was a movie but not too sure. I remember that it was a dark haired boy that was starting a new school, I think university, but the only scene I remember was him sitting in a dark room laughing and bleeding, I think he cut himself or something. There might’ve even been a scene where he hides a knife in the pocket of his hoodie (not too sure about that one tho) I think the colour of the school was like white and light grays, but the movie overall had like a cold tint to it (don’t know if that helps) I think it’s from 2010-2015 somewhere in between. I also think it might be Japanese?? also not a 100% sure on that. Might’ve been about self harm or like just a crazy boy and that it’s a bit mindfucking. Please help