I don't know the title of this movie

Hi, it’s my first time posting here. I try to find this movie but i vaguely remember a scene. So let me explain: It was 2016/2017, when i should have slept. My father was sleeping in my room (because me, my sister and my father had a room to share), he left the TV off and then i just saw a scene of a bunch of people trying to escape from a gasoline with a shape ad with a truck. Then they got caught by the police. In the meantime they went to jail and one night two people, a boy and a girl, tried to turn on the car: First attempt, didn’t work, second attempt, didn’t work. Then a man came out of nowhere and bam, he shot them. The scene lasted for like 1 or 2 minutes. After that, one of the murdered people just left the car and decided to clean themselves with the water of a pipe. And then, another scene of the people getting arrested and then credits roll. 1. Now, this is something I vaguely remember, so i can’t explain properly. It’s not Zodiac, i checked that and it’s not. This movie must be from either from the 60 to 80s or 90s. Or 2000s.