I don't remember the title

I watched this movie years ago, but I only saw the last half of it.
What I remember from the plot is that a policeman or detective who is in his forties with the help of a younger woman are trying to solve some case.
(the plot of the case is very fuzzy on my mind and i feel like I’m mixing it up with another movie, thats the why i wont mention it.)

At some point these two become lovers but the man does not like the idea of ​​being with a woman younger than him.
At the end of the movie the man ends up going out with a colleague from work, and the young woman seeing how these two get on to a taxi, with the woman saying to herself something like “-love is a battlefield”

It’s similar to, “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” but not sure tho.


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Its that one, thank you

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