I don't the movie name

Basically This is an old movie.
In this this movie they show a black dragon is born grows verr fast like in 10 secs. And the main character is wandering around with his horse and dragon follows him and the character runs amd comes to a small village where he finds shelter. The villagersand. Leader of that village helps him. He tries to tell them about drgaon but they don’t believe him.
After that drogon finds this village too and starts attacking on it. Dragon takes 1 man in his mouth and takes him nd eat him to in that cave where he was born.
Here in village villagers and leader accuses the character saying beacuse him Dragon found this village. And they nearly were kicking him out but the heroin of the movie enters and tells them to not to do. Then Movie shows how days were pass and Dragon attacks everyday and Village tries to attack back.
When there are few ppl reamins the character and leader of village decides to go to that cave ms kill dragon. They go to cave with plan wnd the character breaks the Dragons eggs to trigger him and when drgon tuens his neck to attack on him the leader cuts his neck in half. Later on after celebration of it the character decides to leave msg and continue his journey with horse and the scene switches to cave and shows us that one egg is still there which breaks amd movie ends.
I tried to find on google but didn’t found. ( Sorry for my grammatical mistakes)