I Forgot! Crime Drama Film. Dark and Moody

Please help me find the movie that I’ve been searching for years to find

Synopsis of plot
Hello. The movie has a guy who I remember as ginger. He is a criminal who is employed in a criminal organization. He doesn’t want to be in the organization anymore. His boss makes him do one last job. In the meantime however, he meets a young woman who kind of derails his job, which makes it so he has to go on the run from his former boss. The woman is kidnapped and actually killed. The man leaves and barely escapes with his life, stealing a blue muscle car while being shot at. He cries. Flash forward many years - he is living in some cheap shitty rental spot. The woman’s daughter came looking for answers about her mother’s death, and the man says something to her. Well this sets him over the edge and he commits suicide via hurricane. The news reporter speaks on the TV, warning people to stay inside. He purposefully goes to the beach. End of film.

General Vibe
very moody, very blue, very slow burn. The action shots that happen are very quick and gritty. There is a scene where the woman and man go to a bar and the man chastises her for being too young to drink or something like that. Getting their cover blown. The movie is very sad. The score is very somber. The main actor doesn’t have a TON of lines. I think the movie is less than two hours.

Thank you to anyone who can help me find this film!

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Galveston (2018)?

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