I keep remembering this space movie with a beautiful stingray like alien and cannot find it for the life of me!

I watched this movie a couple years ago and i cant find it again no matter what i search. I can only remember this one scene because ive seen sooo many space movies so maybe someone can help!

  • It had a group of people in space in a spaceship and they were from earth

  • There was an alien that went by the spaceship and it was shaped like a stingray except each side had 2 long fins and it looked like a stretched out X

  • It looked like it was swimming through space with its find and it was either as big or bigger than the spaceship

  • The movie was great quality so it wasn’t old definitely 2000s. Probably after 2010

  • I believe they followed the alien after seeing it or helped it out

  • The alien shows up in the middle/end of the movie

I know it isnt interstellar, life, or the more popular ones because i went through most of them trying to find it and couldn’t.



I know that you said that they are in space, in a spaceship, and that the movie is post 2000, but there is a sci-fi with aliens that takes place underwater, and the aliens in that movie are stingray-like. The underwater oil rig in the movie is similar to a spaceship, and the crew of the oil rig wears specialist diving suits and they look like astronauts in those suits (see the screenshots). The movie has recently been given a 4K restoration, so the movie and the effects look brand new and modern.
“The Abyss” (1989)?

Here is a shot of that stingray-like alien with one of the crew who resembles an astronaut in his diving suit:
Stingray-like alien in The Abyss

Here are more shots of those stingray-like aliens: