I need help finding a movie I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find it

I think I either wtzched this movie in 2016-2018, but I’m not sure when it was made. It was a Arabic horror movie about a school girl who got bullied. Before her, there was also another girl who got bullied. That girl ended up hanging herself in a tree by the school. At first the human girl didn’t want to like hurt anyone, but the ghost girl who hung herself, once took a compass from math and stabbed one of the bullies in their hand. She was bleeding but no one saw it. She even went up to the teacher but then it was just gone. I can’t really remember anything else from it, but I used to watch it with my family back in Tunisia and I really wanna see it again. Please help!!

The Girl’s Ghost Story (2014)? It’s from Korea with a similar plot.