I need help finding this movie!

So, what happened was this girl was on drugs and had a son. She woke up in a hospital type place where all the nurses were dead, and she was pregnant with something. She waked up and walks around to find a man in another room and they go together. They find a priest and a nurse who’s alive with a bitten arm. So, half arm up to the elbow. They go together and go into this place that has rows of like chairs but built like a sofa, like a bench with back support. The nurse try’s and gets the alien out of her stomach and after that an alien bust open the doors and eats the nurse. All of them run and they find a girl. They find out later she created the alien monsters. The monsters are scared of light so whenever there is light, they run/hide. In the end, it’s the girl and the guy (the rest died by aliens) and she’s in a wheelchair and they opened the exit, they talk for a bit and the suns going down. The don’t escape for some reason and the very end is the camera facing the girl, and an alien showing right next to her face and boom the end (also there are a lot in the building). Please help me find this, the last time I saw it was on tv xumo, it’s been years and I have not found it.

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One Drop AKA Blood Hunters (2016).

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