I need help to find this movie

i watched this movie with a friend of mine once 4 years ago, 2 years later we wanted it to watch it again but couldn’t find it anywhere. we remember it so well i hope you guys know it. so there’s this guy(probably a zombie) that works at a hospital and he goes to the hospital morgue and has sex with a dead body, he goes home to his wife cooking for him and immediately takes her to the bedroom. she is completely clueless about her husband being a zombie so she lets him do things but when she realises she tries to escape he tries to rape her so she hits him with a teddy bear alarm and starts running, but in the hallway he grabs her and then he rips her vagina and eats it. then some teenagers who i think were fighting drive to the gas station and 2 of them go inside, then the screen shows the zombie dude looking at them through some bushes and i think he goes in the gas station and smth happens there. that all we remember and it covers at least the first 30 minutes, i think the movie is short about 1 hour and 20 minutes and it’s not old it’s either from 00’ or between 2010-2019 i hope you guys can find it cause we’re going crazy

“Contracted” (2013)?

It starts with a man having sex with a dead body in morgue.

unfortunately no but thank you for taking the time to read my post

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