I need help with a movie title! Has anyone seen it?

It’s driving me crazy that i cant remember a movie title. It’s not that famous movie (from the 2000s so not that old) i guess and i cant remember who was in it or it’s title but remember some of the plot.

It’s a rescue mission of a US politicians daughter (not sure if president or not) held somewhere in the Amazon jungle (by cartel or rebels) and they send one guy to save her, only one so not to cause a conflict. He even gives her boots and clothes to change when he finds her, as she wasn’t wearing the appropriate clothing for jungle trekking. Think there was a car chase and they fell down or had to jump doen a waterfall. They had to spend the night in a cave too, to hide from the guys looking for them. Umm,… they were headed west to reach another country to get help. Had to go over the Andes rough terrain. The guy was injured and sent the girl forward so she doesn’t spend the night in the cold windy rocky mountain slop, while he had to spend it on the rocks. Girl did return with help for him, and he was taken to a hospital.

That’s pretty much all i remember :confused: hope someone has seen it too and remembers the title or actors. Thanks