I need the name of the movie PLEASE

Okay so I haven’t watched this movie in years but I always feel the urge to watch and yet no matter how I describe it, nothing pops up.

From what I remember the movie had teenagers as main characters and one of the girls was a clone. There were 2 boys and 2 girls. One boy was a thin punk and the other a fat nerd. For the girls, one was a rebel and the other(the clone) was a prep. I can’t remember much else other than the fact that there was a scene where a guys with gigantic pimples walked by whilst his friends were saying"pizza face" also the guy had gigantic balls.

I know this all sounds weird but I swear that thjs was an actual movie, please help😭

Could it be Disturbing Behavior?

It has teens as main cast. One of the girls isn’t a clone but had an implant that made her be “good” until she wanted sex then went crazy. I don’t remember seeing anyone’s balls though LOL.

I do recall the preppy kids bullying the outcast kids a little bit.