I need to find this film please help

I watched this film around 2005 but not sure how old it is. I remember everything so vividly other than names. It was more of a low budget film but I can’t find anything on it anywhere and starting to think I’m going mad!

It goes roughly like…
Movie starts with a dad with his 2 daughters rock climbing, the daughter falls and dies

In another scene some men jump out of a plane and lose their suitcase full of money and diamond which lands on top of a mountain

The surviving daughters takes a group up the mountain in week she is taken hostage by these men and forced to take them to get the money and diamond (before the climb she is in the shop collect climbing gear to go and the men are in there too)

Her dad goes up after her

At the end she fights the hostages and the money falls out suitcase

Please help me :sweat_smile: thank you!

Not daughters, but girlfriend dies in Cliffhanger (1993) and he goes after his ex-girlfriend and the rest is the same as described.

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There’s also this in the “tragic fall off a mountain” thrillers: