I want to find the movie name which i cannot remember at all. Please help

I watched a movie in 2010 when i was middle of child. What ever. The movies plot i just remember few moment. Like as a white english man travelling in jungle then he lost him self or others. Then some native jungle people bring him to their village. In that village a beautiful girl leave their. Another plot is he challenge a native man to how long stay in under water. He won coz he use a pipe for take oZ.
Last plot i can remember that man marry that beautiful girl.
Can anyone tell the movie name?
Thanks in advance
Sorry for bad english

“The Emerald Forest” (1985)?

Quote from the movie’s above Wikipedia page:
“Wanadi presides over the wedding, with Markham seated in honour next to the chief; Markham watches as Tomme and Kachiri are wedded;”

Not this movie bro. That movie plot have almost no fight scene.