I want to know the name of a movie

It was an action asian movie (korean/chinese/japanese) maybe 2000-2010 on martial arts. The protagonist was a girl who lived somewhere like a hostel with other girls where she learnt martial arts and she also had a best friend who was also a fighter. Then she comes out from that place and has enemies which she fights and also falls in live with a handsome police officer or he falls for her. Then she finds that the villain has caught her friend hangs her by her fingers with some wires or something and eventually kills her head off by a sword while she watches her die on the other side of a bulletproof mirror. She also tried to break the mirror by shooting at it with a gun but couldn’t. In the end she fights him and kills him and maybe also dies herself. I watched it when I was a kid lol.

was she naked the whole movie, like “gun woman”?

Naked weapon 2002. Im sure of it

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