I watch this movie with my grandma YEARS ago, when i was 9. I only remember two scenes. Help if you can

This move has two major scenes in it that I remember.
TW: Kinda odd topics
Basically, this woman is abused by her husband, and he has her lay down on this doctor’s bed that’s in their garage. Her demeanor says that this is a routine thing, Cuz she groans and sighs as she gets onto the bed. He then gets a tube and attaches it to her face, where she can’t close her mouth or anything, and what I have always characterized as “Soapy water” is then forced down her throat.

For the second scene, It just a snapshot. It a girl with a lump on her upper chest. I can’t remember if they cut her open of just push their hand down her throat, but either way, they grab it and pull it out and it’s a Fabergé egg. (A bedazzled egg) and it’s implied that the stuff that the husband put in the wife was causing these Faberge eggs to grow. (That implication could have been my 9-year-old brain. Im not sure if thats actually the case.)