I watched this movie on amazon or netflix in 2020 or 2021

mother and father in a cabin in forest with 2 young children. Children’s names are ‘girl’ and ‘boy’. Father leaves cabin, mother begins to get supplies together and dress children warmly. She is very harsh with them. The children are blindfolded and warned not to remove the blindfold.
They get into small rowboat, the children sit together on one bench holding hands. the mother constantly reminds them not to take blindfolds off. They are on a river with trees rising up either side of it. It is misty and occasionally cloudy lights are seen in the air along with thunder, lights swooping around them, the mother keeps her eyes closed too, it seems that if anyone looks at the lights then something terrible happens to them. she puts a blanket over the children’s heads I think so they can’t accidentally look at the lights. along this river there will be a gap on one side that the boat can go through, this is what the mother is looking for, what her husband told her to look for. The river is very long but she finds it and turns off the main river. A voice calls out to identify themselves. she says who they are and they are let through. It is like a little community, not sure if there were men there, but women and children are around and the boy and girl run off to play. thank you in advance, sorry it so very long!

Bird Box (2018)
starring Sandra Bullock
very popular on Netflix.