I will bless you if you answer correctly

That was a movie about a high school girl she liked to be alone and a ginger boy seat near her to become friends ,this girl was living near a jungle and she could sometimes see mysterious creatures in that jungle from her window and she had a crystal ball that I guess her grandmama gave her and the ball shows her the same jungle and mysterious creatures,her parents wanted to make a birthday part for her and invite all of her classmates in that even she wanted to be alone ,his dad was preparing the birthday party and her dog poo on his face,her classmates come and they dance and that ginger boy came to her room and told her he is in love with her and suddenly became like an adult body guy with black hair and he changes the girl really scared and ran into to that mysterious jungle and that mysterious creatures followed her and a woman with a white hair and white horse picked her up to save her I was searching for that movie a lot but I could find the answer it was kinda fantasy horror some parts let me laugh I have watched that three years ago it’s not a really old movie I guess 2016 I haven’t watched that completely if you answer me correctly you would make me really happy and I want god to make you happy in your problems