I'm in search of TWO movies, allow me to elaborate

The first movie is about this one girl, she has 2 other friends and one of them supposedly kissed her boyfriend and when said friend is confronted she takes off driving irratically while the two other friends chase after her, they pull into a wooded area and the supposed girl who kissed MC’s (main characters) boyfriend falls into a ditch and the other girls scram. Her body is found dead but the catch is it was 5 miles up from where that interaction was. MC gets suspected as the murderer until she proves it was deceased girls father? He then tries to strangle MC’s pregnant mother in his office.

Now the second movie is about a dad who tries raising his son to be a boxer and he’s on a very strict diet and such, later on he meets this red headed girl (I think) at a party and she gets super wasted, he tried offering her a ride but she declines and ends up getting into a car accident and dying then he goes back and talks to her mother on her front porch. That’s all I can remember.

The first movie was Violation of Trust (1991) and the second movie was Reversal (2001).