I'm looking for a movie by the plot

The plot is simple, a regular guy meets a girl who’s a thief, at the end of the movie they were about to rob this place and the girl got shot when they were getting away, she died inside the guy’s car while driving away of the scene, can someone please help me find this movie?

I doubt it is it, but it’s a jumping off point…
Maybe Set it off? Girl meets guy (he is a bank manager, she is a thief with her group of friends). One of her friends gets shot near the end trying to rob the guys bank and dies.

If you could remember anything about the actors/actresses time period when you saw it and what country you think it was in, it could help narrow it down. The first one came to mind was True Romance but Alabama didn’t die at the end.

Hi, could it be “Foolproof” (2003) by William Phillips?

I found it myself thanks to a comment made to my post lol mimiko33, thanks, the name of the movie is Trading Favors, and because it was a long time that I watched it, I forgot most of it… just the last scene…

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