I'm losing my mind

Hi all,

I am trying to remember a movie I saw some years ago, but cannot remember almost nothing about it. I remember this guy that (paid?) went on some kind of program where people would be taken in a bus. It was some kind of rehabilitation program, but they paid a lot of money. (I am trying to figure it out if i’m making up all these details or I am really remembering them). Then I remember they’ve been put in some kind of place with a lot of rooms (I remember that he was giving a tour and they showed him this room where two women were kissing- was there a man as well? IDK). There was some kind of program going on, because I remember this guy speaking on a microphone in one of the rooms and he was showing on the TV this program that he was promoting. It was very dark and looked like some kind of cult…I cannot remember how it ended, but it was like he was losing his mind because everyone tried to make him think otherwise than the reality.

Please help…I don’t know how to remember it.

a cure for wellness?

Rebirth (2016)?

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