I'm searching for the title of the movie that begins with the following scene

The movie starts off in an airplane in which a man is held captive to extort information from him. At first the captive is not willing to talk to the kidnappers. Therefore, they threaten him with a supposedly poisonous snake which bites him. The kidnappers tell their captive that the bite of the snake will kill him in a few minutes. They show him a filled syringe and tell him that it contains the antidote which they will only inject into his body if he will provide the requested information. Since the captive is convinced that he is about to die without the antidote, he discloses the required information. After the kidnappers inject the fluid into his body, they tell him that the snakebite wasn’t poisonous at all and that the fluid which they just injected into him was alcohol which will kill him in an instant.

If you know which movie begins with the described scene, I would be glad for your reply. I believe it is an action movie from the 90s or the early 2000s. Thank you!


Pretty sure it is Snakes on a Plane from 2006 but the part you are talking about is later in the movie. It starts off differently.