Indie movie rented from Blockbuster 1999-2002?

Looking for potential movie titles: Rented a movie from a Blockbuster Video sometime between 1999-2002. It was one of those indie movies that had the independent film festival adverts on the VHS/DVD. The movie started with some college aged friends hanging out in one of their childhood homes and discussing life/girl issues/etc. The movie started pretty slowly and I remember not being to fond of it at first but as it progresses it really grew on me. Not much to go on here I know - but a friend rented it and I watched at their place as well. Any potential help appreciated. I believe it was in the new releases section when we rented it. It was very low budget with no notable actors.

“Beautiful Girls” (1996)?

social intercouse?

god sex and apple pie?

these 2 came to mind, but if it was blockbuster and not hollywood video, “first rites” titles can be excluded

We can guarantee 2001 as latest it came out? Was it american, canadian, australian? Any other specifics you remember, even the cover art?

I am going to dig more on this one today. When looking at cover art of the time, look for that golden arch award symbol, and that will be a key. I was big into watching those college type films back in the day, so I may be able to track it down, I just have to find the right keywords. Any chance it was on vhs? Was there nudity? Blockbuster did have rights to specific films, nameley dimension extreme (horror) titles, and some random films in between, but very few indie titles that I remember they had exclusive rights to.

i am getting quite a few possible matches…

this list has indian summer, spin the bottle, mainly etc.

this just hit me “slacker”?



seven and a match

origin of the species?

hey man, please do tell me which one it was when you find it. i dug for hours and I cannot figure it out

Out of time frame but description so far matches: