Innvestigator at crooked mental institution

I am trying to trace a film I saw some years ago (or possibly an episode of a tv drama) about a crooked “mental institution” where teenagers were being wrongly committed so that their medical insurance could be milked.

I thought it was “Lost Angels” (aka The Road Home) but on viewing the latter, it does not contain one scene that I distinctly remember. A ping pong (?) table is inconveniently located, and the kids move it a few feet, but a staff member goes ballistic and furiously insists that they put it back exactly where it was.

Iirc the central character was a youthful-looking investigator (undercover cop?) pretending to be a 17yo inmate at the establishment. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? Could there be an alternative version of Lost Angels?

Could it be Season 2 Episode 15 of ‘21 Jump Street’?