It is about a woman in a red dress vanishing in a pitch black room that has a lockpicker picking a lock next to a woman panicking that is a different female actress. Other than that it was shown in 2012-2013 around 2:35pm

There are other scenes you have to look briefly at the description to determine if there is a woman in a red dress vanishing or the lockpicking scene may match a certain movie, television program, or something else that is viewed in the media.

Hoooo boy, looking for this took me on a spiral.
Dissapearing red-clad women = Matrix (usually), but no lockpicking associated.

So I went to Google, and someone is looking for this since 2017!
Mostly similar description as above, and some people mention Battlestar Galactica (makes sense, Number Six is possibly only being imagined by Gaius Baltar most of the time), others think Warehouse 13 with all their silly antics.

In this post, the user gets REALLY specific:

“I saw a show around March 21,2013 at 2:32pm.It was on channel 32 on the sci fi channel”

Which of course, because the internet has everything, allows me to find the programming for Syfy for that date:

from: U.S. Syfy Channel schedule for March 2013 - Inner Mind

So, msiss003, does this help in ANY way? Are you Mackie Sissoko?

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I have been looking to identify the television program

I have endured many years in looking for a specific television program.The television program was on television in 2012-2013 around the afternoon shortly after 2:30pm. The scenes were 4 in number and each scene was significant to leading to the end credits. The first scene had a woman in a completely pitch black room vanishing 5 seconds as soon as the scene started. She was wearing a long skin tight right red dress. She was sitting down next to a lamp that was green on the exterior then the camera zoomed in on her and she vanished. The next scene had a lockpicker picking a lock with a keychain of lockpicks and was in a trapped room with a woman panicking. He unlocked the doorknob in 3 seconds and exited the room with the woman. The characters were in a trapped room with darkness enclosing them and the scene ended. The third scene had a man and a woman in a semi dark room with weapons surrounding them on racks and she found the door to the exit and they left together. The end credits scene was about 20 seconds before a man started speaking and he stated whoever was watching must really be onto the program that began in milliseconds. The woman said of course sure then the scene ended. The background had a city overlooking a ship of alien origin before the television program ended. It was on the syfy channel.

Can you confirm that it was on the SyFy channel, and on which time zone you are? That would greatly help in limiting the possible series / movies.

Not at all but I am in Eastern Central

Here is a website with a list of Lockpick movies and tv shows

That doesn’t really help, but because you’ve been looking for soooo long and have a fairly good idea where and when you saw it, let’s try a reverse search.

I’ve scrapped the website above for ALL movies/shows shown on SyFy between 2:00 and 3:00 pm EST from January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2013. Results = 850

Cleaned up titles, sorted, removed duplicates = 556

There’s a lot of titles left in there I’m SURE can’t be it (Anaconda, Batman, Bond, Star Trek), but before I start removing those…

…the described end credit scene sounds like there is a narrator, or at least a 4th wall break (the actor speaking directly to us, the audience). Is this the case?

Also, you only talk about rooms, is this an escape room type of situation? There’s a few Saw and Nightmare in Elm Street movies in the list, as well as a whole bunch of Twilight Zones.