It is killing me trying to remember this movie! Please help!

I do not remember a whole lot about the movie or any actors in it. I do remember one specific part. I think its about a house that eats people or absorbs them in a way? The part i remember is a guy somehow gets absorbed or becomes a part of one of the walls. I remember the walls being a dark wood. And the tip if his tennis shoe (red chucks i think) is sticking out at the base board. That is about all i can remember and its driving me insane. Please help!

“Burnt Offerings” (1976)?

There are a few bits and pieces this reminds me of, this is the least likely:

There is a sequence in Lord of Illusions where people become absorbed into the floor and are trapped:

In this french TV movie a man stuck at the end, living inside a wall. Only a little part of his shoes are looking outside. But it’s a more tragic comedy, so I don’t think it’s what you are looking for.

“The Wall Crosser” 2016

The Wall-Crosser (TV Movie 2016) - IMDb

Perhaps House? House (1985) - IMDb