It’s a movie about bracelet which give you total regeneration when you die

The movie starts with some war in the future, where bad guys take an action. Also shows an old white hair scientist in the laboratory room or something. Bad guys teleport to our days and come to wedding ceremony. Bad guys kill shoot everyone there and kidnap the bride. Old scientist come to wedding place and put on the bracelet on groom hand, bracelet turns on th green light and he comes back to life. Bracelet can be used only one time, then you should throw it away. Then they try to catch bad guys driving a car, but bad guys blow their car with weapon, the car turns over. Scientist shows him a capsule which he took with him and there are many bracelets about 8 or 10 pieces. Groom tries to save scientists life by using on of the bracelets, but he rejects and chooses to die cause he is already old.
The groom takes all bracelets on his hand and goes to save his bride. Then he finds that they stay at some big villa and fights them there. He dies many times and comes back again until he kills everyone. At the end police comes and accidentally kills them and put their body into black plastic bag. The groom uses last two bracelets, puts one on his bride hand. They come back to life and come out of the plastic bag


last lives