It's about a forgotten horror movie

Hello! I hope you’re doing well. Please can you help me? Actually I am looking for a hhorror movie, unfortunately I don’t remember its title, but I remember some plot.

A young girl had been found maybe at facility and a group of soldiers saved her and she was clean which means not infected by creatures. Then she took a shower qnd stayed with a group of people including a doctor(she was an old woman wearing glasses) at facility, after that they had been attacked by those creatures like parasites, and that doctor told them that the young girl will kill them all one by one but they ignored her. Indeed, finally that young girl turned into a bad and nasty girl, and she took revenge and killed them all.

By the way, I think this movie is similar to The Thing (1982) movie. Nearly the same creatures and parasites. I don’t mean here The Girl with All the Gifts movie, but I mean another one. In fact, it is a Sci-Fi and Horror Movie. And it has a complex title something like this, but this is just an example: D.T.E.X 55(maybe a name of a Virus, an infection, a squad, or a cure). I guess its poster contains some soldiers like S.W.A.T and they were masked with helmets.

So I hope to help me find this movie as soon as possible. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon!

Xtro 2

I think the film you’re looking for is ‘Proteus’(1995):

It’s extremely similar to ‘John Carpenter’s The Thing’, just a different setting and explanation for the monster’s origin. Pretty cool flick despite many negative reviews.