It's from 10 or 12 years ago so i can't remember well

It is about a guy going to his crush’s wedding. After a while, they start showing pictures when they were students, and this makes the MC regrets his past or something. Right then, time stops and a man (i think) dressed in black ask him if he want to go back and change things. MC of course agreed, i remember the way he time travel was by wiggling his pointing finger and reading some spells.

He went back to a few minutes before they take the picture, kiss the girl and get slapped, resulting in the slap mark on his face in the picture. When he comes back to the present, the picture changed to a different one, he goes back again and the same thing happen.

After 4 or 5 times failing, the man in black eats some food from a guy’s hand and time continue.
That’s all i can rememer

operation love?

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Omg yes, it is the one! Thank you so much!!