I've been looking for this movie for 15 years

I watched this movie as a kid around 2003 on a VHS tape. The tape had Me, Myself, and Irene and Shanghai Noon along with my movie in question.

I remember bits and pieces so bear with me. There is an artifact that traps people inside are they are chased by chinese dragons while inside.
One scene is a guy going running past chinese stone statues. He then comes across a painting of a bamboo grove with a tiger. He ends up in the painting and is running from the tiger. He climbs a stone wall and when he reaches the top, there is an expanse of rock and he is told to cross it. He begins to walk across and the rocks fall away leaving only stone pillars. He tries to jump across and I believe he makes it halfway before fallling.

There is a fat chinese guy who quotes Confucius but i dont remember the quotes and I dont think he actually quoted confucius. There is a group of bad guys who want the artifact and at one time they had a few people inside of it.

I think there is another scene where a lady from the bad guys spies on the group by turning into a fly or insect and listening to them.

I hope someone can find this movie as everyone I have asked has never heard of it and my mom doesnt remember the name or any actors. This has been bugging me for years.

was it asian language or english?

It was in English. Though it had a lot of asian influence

white characters? was it geared towards kids / teens?

I believe a mixture of both but it’s been so long. Definitely predominantly asian. I feel like it was more Chinese.

I dont think it was geared toward teens. Most likely adults.

i am still coming up empty. can you remember what the artifact looks like? a statue, a gem, something else? was it a newer film at the time?

I think it was a necklace. When someone was sucked inside it, everything was red inside and people were being chased by what they fear. I think there was a discussion about how every chinese person has a fear of dragons.

The movie had a 90s feel. I cant find it anywhere as well and only one person has said that they have watched something similar.

the medallion?

I am struggling on this one. Can you remember anything else? Any names of characters, or even descriptions?

the touch?

I will keep digging. I the fat confusius guy may be the key…

The Lost Empire

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