I've been searching for the name of the movie for years, please help me

I may not be entirely sure, but I’ll try to describe some of the details that come to mind, whether they’re correct or not. It was a thriller movie.

Our main character is a girl around 14-18 years old, and she’s invited to a classmate’s strange house, or she goes to her friend’s house without an invitation. The friend’s family locks her in and doesn’t allow her to leave. The friend tries to help but can’t. The girl tries to escape by jumping out of a window and running through a field, but they catch her again. There’s also a son in the house, and the movie’s setting might be near an airport. While I can’t be entirely certain, the film could be from the period between 2005 and 2012. It’s not more recent. I’ve been wanting to watch it for years but can’t find it. Can you please help?

Mum & Dad?

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