I've been trying to find this film but i remember so vague things about it

Hi guys i hope someone is able to help me find this movie cause I’ve been looking for it for years but all i remember about it is very vague and haven’t able to find it
First of all i watched this in 2013-2014 and it was new movie i think.
The plot was about the problematic relationship between a mother and daughter, where the mother is definitely some sort of unhinged. The daughter is made to maintain a very specific schedule and doesn’t get to have a life appropriate to her age, she can’t go out or party etc. i don’t remember the daughter’s age but I’m pretty sure she’s an adult. I think the daughter plays the piano? I also remember the mom has to go away for a while or to work I’m not sure and she hires a babysitter for her daughter to make sure her strict schedule is maintained. I also remember a tuning fork is used to sort of punish the daughter as she seems to dislike it. And finally i remember a scene where the daughter finally gets out of the house and puts on make up and such, i think it’s her sitter who allows her to do so, and she even hooks up with a guy. She gets home late, mother is displeased, I’m pretty sure the sitter has already been sent away
That’s all i remember i really hope someone can help me find this

Sun Choke? The tuning fork’s in the trailer at 0:24