Jess who see imaginary people who want to kill her

Got it! Here’s the updated summary:

Title: Unknown

  • The main character is a woman named Jess or Jessica who suffers from childhood trauma due to the murder of her parents.
  • She experiences hallucinations or sees imaginary people, whom she believes want to harm her.
  • Her boyfriend, named Shein, works in the movie industry.
  • They purchase a house from a real estate agency owned by Arthur.
  • Jess starts seeing shades and people in their house, but her boyfriend dismisses it as her imagination.
  • Jess discovers that the real estate agency has been spying on them through cameras.
  • There’s a specific date, the 30th, when the threats against Jess escalate.
  • They contact her doctor via Skype for help with her medications.
  • In the end, Jess realizes that her boyfriend is one of the people who wanted to harm her, as he takes her pistol.

Is it Deadly Delusion?

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The names are different

The names are different