Katja Riemann film

this maybe a movie or tv , i think it was set like a series of short tales two women going on dates one is in love with hers and her friend is to meet his friend on a blind date,the afore mentioned actress meets what she called an exhibitionist at the start of the meeting, he is in the navy,they go to a park ,she goes to a romantic dinner, the dinner goes like true romance, while they philosophize about life in the park, she finishes dinner and has sex with him and afterwards he just leaves, while her friend gets on really well and makes another date, so much she wants to meet him again she moves the phone close to the bath while she is taking one, it was german.

Similar circumstances found in Pigeons On The Roof (2011)
also known as “Die Relativitätstheorie der Liebe” in German
stars Katja Riemann