Kid breaks neigbors window with a ball, inmediately gets a creepy phone call from (dead) owner.

I’m looking for a movie that’s probably quite old (at least 15 years): A teenager (14-18 years old) is playing inside the house with a base- or golf ball. At one point it slips away, hitting the neighbor’s window and breaking it. The kid looks very concerned about it. A few seconds later, the landline rings. The child picks up and on the other side of the phone you can hear a creepy, deep, elderly voice (man). I can’t precisely remember what he says, but he was clearly angry about the damage made to his window. Prior or after the scene we learn that the man that lives in the house actually died some time ago, which makes the whole situation even more sinister. Was it his ghost calling the kid?

That is about as much as I can remember. I would appreciate all the help I could get!

Monster House (2006)?

I know this plot in a life action movie, but I can’t remember the name too.

Hi, it’s a live-action movie, not an animated one. Nevertheless, thanks for your response!

Mr. Harrigan’s phone (2022)


Hi. Unfortunately this one is too recent. It should be at least 15 years old (even late 90s to early 2000s). Thank you anyways!

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