Kidnap movie between 2014 and 2018

I am looking for a movie that i seen one time, but I can’t find it for several years. I remember a few tings.

  1. Movie start with a pregnant young woman in forest in white clothes, pointing gun on hear head. But we do not see is she pulled a trigger. This is where coming a cutting scene, and movie starts from beginning.
  2. Next, young woman had car accident, but some old man saved her and bring her in his house. Old man lived with his old wife.
  3. Later we realize that old couple held her i captivity.
  4. In one moment they kidnapped her brother and force him to have a sex with sister (young woman who had car crash). She became pregnant from him.

I think this is the one :

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Yes, thank you very much :blush: I looking for it 5y