Kind of action movie, before 2000

Please help me to find this movie.

Here are the scenes in my memory.

A group of people ( like commandos or gangs) going to an island using small boat to fight with smuggling group in that island.

Hero was among the commando group. When start hunting down the smuggler group, a scene for hero, that enemy shooting towards him and he hide behind something, then he use mirror to see the enemy’s location to kill him and also he knocked him down.

After all the enemy down, they start leaving the location, that time the commando group saw a child.
One of hero’s teammate (who is asthuma or wheezing patient takes breathing medicine ) killed that child and this make hero angry.

Hero didn’t expect this and he left this mission job and started his new life with family.

He have one son and daughter ( may be three), one day villain start chasing his family who was hit by train.

Upto this only i saw.

I don’t remember the movie name. Please help me to find it


“Men of War” (1994)?