King of the sun?

It is french movie(?) about the sun baby,king luj XIV. (Roi soleil) . It is somekind like dark parody,musical,I can’t remember. It is a little bit a weird movie,there is a lot of sick scenes. In the movie,baby is precious and admired by people,he is royal and saint. Everybody wants to be near baby,because he is sacred to them,so in their madness,people ripped the baby in pieces just to have small part of him. One women got blonde hair. Other scene I can remember is where is women convicted to be raped by 2000 men and she is tied to bed. After a few insults she passed out. That happens in public. I am not sure is it that women baby mother. We didn’t catch whole movie,just some scenes where we were in shock. My friend and I are searching for that movie a long time. Title was something like king of the sun.

That is the Baby of Macon, a particularly gruelling Peter Greenaway film.

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