Lady trapped in haunted building with 2 deformed ghost children. Lady has to find overgrown pool to swim through to save someone

Lady is trapped in a haunted building with 2 deformed ghost children. Lady has to find an extremely overgrown indoor pool and has to swim through the pool to save someone.
In one scene the ghost children tell her to be quiet because “He” hears everything. I don’t remember who “He” is.
I watched this literally years ago, possibly between 2009-2015. I think the building Might have been maybe a hospital or a boarding school. But the severely overgrown indoor pool is dangerous as things in the dark water are gonna get the Lady as she tries to swim to the other side to save someone. I can’t remember who the Lady actress is. The movie was definitely in color. The overgrown pool has algae plants Everywhere, even on the walls and ceiling. I don’t know if the pool room has any windows. The overgrown pool room is very dark, and if there are windows, they are covered with overgrowth. The water is difficult to see through. It’s just the overgrown pool scene that I remember the most detail, which is not much detail actually. I think there is just the 3 or 4 actors in the movie. I don’t know if maybe the overgrown pool leads to a different reality or dimension. I just don’t remember enough to find this movie on my own. Frustrating.

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It sounds a bit like The Haunting of Bly Manor, the Mike Flqannagan Netflix series. That was based on the novel The Turn of the Screw, so it could be another adaptation of that?

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It sounds a little like the show Queen of the South when Teresa meets El Santo and the ghost girls in the demon masks. There is a pool scene but not overgrown and then they get in that overgrown muck water at one point. Probably not it but offering it as a suggestion just in case.

Maybe Out of the Dark (2014) - IMDb ?

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It reminded me of