Late 90's - early 2000s movie where a ghost of a woman haunts her house after another woman moved in

Please help me find this move that I must have seen around 2000-2003 on the TV so I assume it’s at least from the 90’s. The plot is:

a woman (I believe) moves into a house, then it turns out that the house is haunted by the ghost of a woman who previously occupied the house (she might have died falling from the stairs but maybe I’m just making it up). I remember a scene where the ghost, dressed all in white enters her bedroom as she sleeps. I think in the end she hires some guy ghost expert(s)? and there might be a scene on the outside, in the yard where everything is covered in fog and the ghost expert sees the ghost.

That’s all I can remember.

I’ve seen this movie as a child and I was scared of the dark for years :smiley: I need to find it now to get some peace, thank you!

Sounds similar to Beetlejuice, but doubt it would be that…